Kill Xenomorphs From 1500 Feet Away With This Awesome M56 Smartgun Replica


We all have our favorite movie weapons. Mine is Ash’s chainsaw hand from the Evil Dead franchise. Yours, I heard, is Harry Potter’s wand. Just kidding. If you’re a fan of Aliens, though, chances are, your choice will boil down to either Ripley’s pulse gun or Private Vasquez’s M56 Smartgun. For those who belong to the latter group, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this M56 Smartgun Replica.

Made by the Hollywood Collectibles Group, the model is a 1:1-scale recreation of the Xenomorph-blasting rifle from the classic blockbuster movie, so you can run around the neighborhood carrying your official-issue Squad Support Weapon from the US Colonial Marines. Do note, it’s really just a model, though, so while the darn thing will make people run out of the bar when they see you walk in with one, it can’t actually kill aliens unless you smack them so hard in the head with it that you manage to crack their skull.


The HCG M56 Smartgun Replica measures 48 inches long, so this will make quite the substantial presence in any display shelf. It weighs a respectable 15 pounds, so you won’t need military-grade muscles to carry it around and pretend to shoot at aliens from 1500 feet. Each one comes with a separate tabletop display stand and a 24 x 16 inch print of the gun’s blueprint, complete with a detailed specs sheet.


Only 150 units of the HCG M56 Smartgun Replica will be made. Price is $1199.95.

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