HD100 Is The Perfect Helmet For Your Batman Motorcycle Club Lifestyle

Your Predator Motorcycle Helmet is fun and all, but dressing like an alien sport hunter everyday can easily turn boring at some point down the line. To keep things exciting, you need to vary up the daily riding wardrobe and the HD100 Helmet looks like a great one to put on during alternate days.

Made by Helmet Dawg, the protective accessory takes on the silhouette of Batman’s headgear, making you look like the famed Dark Knight while cruising down the streets on your Neo-Retro Scrambler. Wait, what, you own a Honda Grom? Well, yeah, we guess that could work too (fingers crossed).

The HD100 is a lightweight DOT-approved full-face helmet constructed from a thermoplastic poly alloy shell. It’s a full-featured protective headwear, complete with a dual exhaust venting system, SPC top front vents, adjustable chin vents, speaker pockets (for easily installing a hands-free communication system) and removable comfort pads and liners, so it should be just as comfortable and functional as any of your favorite riding helmets.

The selling point, of course, is the Batman-style ears protruding in the rear, which is crafted and tooled entirely by hand. Made from a proprietary elastomer, the ears not rigid but are soft and pliable, so all the chicks can squeeze on your Caped Crusader ears while you parade outside the comic book store decked in a Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit. Hey, a nerd can dream…

Since the accents are handmade, the HD100 Helmet requires a 4 to 6 week turnaround time for every order. Price is $325.

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