Head Case Suitcase Cover Wraps Your Face Around Your Luggage


Having someone mistakenly grab your bag from the baggage carousel isn’t that rare an occurrence. Lots of travel luggage look alike, after all, making baggage reclaim drama a real thing people deal with on a regular basis. While you can add little flourishes to your bag to make it identifiable in a sea of luggage, why not go all in and put your darn face on the bag, so it’s impossible to mistake as anyone else’s? That’s exactly what you can do with this Head Case Suitcase Cover.

A spandex cover with a giant face printed on it, the darn thing is designed to wear over your luggage, so you can leave a mark that makes it clear who owns that darn suitcase. It’s similar to putting stickers on your luggage to make them easier to differentiate, except with this thing, it’s a temporary cover that you can slip on whenever it’s needed and slip off when it isn’t.


Made by the same guys behind those ping pong paddles with your face printed on them, the Head Case Suitcase Cover comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each one is made from an elastic spandex and polyester blend, so the small can stretch to fit any suitcase between 18 to 22 inches, the medium does the same for suitcases between 25 to 30 inches, and the large should handle everything bigger than that, including 130-liter capacity models. It’s designed to accommodate all standard suitcase profiles in the market, so it comes with holes on areas where handles are usually found, ensuring you won’t have any trouble moving your bag around, whether you want to drag it behind you or carry it in one hand.

While they will probably accept whatever images you want printed on the cover, your face wrapped around the suitcase in full color definitely brings a unique element to your travel gear. To order, just upload a picture of your mug (or whoever’s face you want printed on the cover) and you’re set. Just make sure you upload a high-resolution photo, by the way, since they’re going to blow it up on a stretchy fabric, so the more pixels you upload, the better it’s likely to look. They print the same image on both sides, too, so you should be able to easily recognize your luggage whether it’s facing one way or the other.


Want some text to go along with your face on the Head Case Suitcase Cover? Sorry, as they flip the image when printing on the other side, which means the text will be reversed and will just look dumb. And, no, they probably won’t accommodate special requests when it comes to that.


Does it look ridiculous? Absolutely. Will it help your luggage become more recognizable? Definitely. Can someone steal the cover while you’re not looking and leave you confused trying to find the luggage with your face on it? Yes, it’s possible and there are crazy enough people out there that it might happen once or twice.

The Head Case Suitcase Cover is available now, priced starting at £19.99.

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