Will You Dare Go Under The Head-Shaving Helmet?

You love your shaven head.  While other people bother themselves with gobs of shampoo, styling products and combing supplies, you can go about more important things, only fussing about your hair until the next time it actually needs a shave.  If you had this Head-Shaving Helmet, that process will require just 20 seconds of your time -- and a whole lot of cojones.

An automatic shaving automaton, the contraption will literally clean your top all on its own.  That is, if you're going to trust a sharp object created by some dude named Boris  not to leave your scalp scraped and bloodied.

Just put the Head-Shaving Helmet on your hairy noggin like any protective headgear, let the built-in razors do their job and wait 20 seconds.  The next time you take it off, your scalp should be clean and naked as the day you were born.

The repurposed motorcycle helmet uses a four-blade array set up along Teflon-coated aluminum rails that slide forwards and backwards under the hood.  A shaving cream injector sits around the rear, lubricating the way for the sharp edges to do their job.  Action is powered by two servo motors mounted externally, which look like giant headphones sticking out from either side.

You can check the video below to see the Head-Shaving Helmet in action.  Judging from what happened, the thing appears to work beautifully, and in record time to boot.  Not that I'll actually trust it with my head if you ask me to volunteer -- it sounds scary as all hell.