Headfoams Are Kid-Proof, Near-Indestructible Headphones

Giving kids headphones isn’t usually a good idea. Chances are, it won’t be long till that sweet pair of cans is gutted into a mess that nobody can seem to remember who’s responsible for destroying. If you must give children audio gear for listening to their music and games in private, make it these indestructible Headfoams.

Made by Marblue, it’s a pair of headphones with a body made from a single piece of EVA foam. You know, the same thing they make Nerf darts with. The kind of things that kids can’t break, no matter how much they twist, pull, or drop it on the ground.

The Headfoam hides all the audio electronics inside the thick and soft foam casing, ensuring everything is duly protected during rough and rugged play. Unless your kids decide to destroy the headphones deliberately with a sharp pair of scissors, regular horsing around shouldn’t damage it the same way it will mess up your DIY Tank Headphhones. Because it’s made from foam, the entire thing will wear comfortably on a child’s head, with a snap-on extension pad to keep it snug even on smaller children.

Design is similar to the gaudy, colorful headphones you see teenagers wearing around these days, so there’s no doubt kids are going to love it. Sound is also limited to never go past 85 decibels, so you can feel safe knowing your kids won’t ruin their hearing well before they get to middle school.

Available in blue and purple, with more colors coming soon, the Marblue Headfoam retails for $39.99.

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