HBTees Puts Headphones On Your Shirt

We’ve featured HoodieBuddie and their line of hoodies with built-in earbuds before.  But what about those in warm areas where a hoodie isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear?  Well, they can get in on the action, too, with the company’s new HBTees.

Just like with their hoodies, the shirts come with machine-washable headphones, so you need not take apart anything when it comes time to get the shirt cleaned.  As before, however, no machine driers are allowed, as the high temperatures could cook the electronic bits into a useless mess.

The HBTees come with a stash pocket on the lower left side of the shirt where you’re supposed to put your iPod to have it pumping tunes into the headphones.  Instead of the buds coming out of the drawstrings, though (as with the hoodie), the cables just come up on the left side of the collar.  Not as slick, but still very functional.

Currently, eight shirt designs are available — basic white, black, heather gray, mineral wash purple, mineral wash black, red striped, white striped and gray striped.  All of them sport short sleeves for comfy summer use.  From the looks of it, the wires don’t make any noticeable bulges, either, so it looks just like a normal shirt.

The HoodieBuddie website has the HBTees on retail now, priced at $20 each.