Headstock Tuner Clips On To Your Guitar, Tells You If It’s Out Of Tune

Like to play the guitar, but can’t tune if your life depended on it?  You suck.  Bid adieu to badly-tuned instruments and begin laying the blame on your actual musical skills with the Headstock Tuner, a simple contraption designed to make tuning as quick and painless as possible.

No real ear for music?  No problem.  Fitted to clip onto your guitar’s head (so you can look at it while you turn the peg), this tuner from Planet Waves reads the  vibrations produced to help you zero in on the right note.  More than just regular six stringers, though, it can be used for accurate tuning of  most any type of stringed pieces, including the bass, lyre and whatever other obscure thing you were stuck having to learn during high school music class.

Small and lightweight, it adds little bulk to your musical instruments.  As such, you can keep it fixed in the headstock all you want without presenting any problems.  It uses a highly sensitive piezo transducer to decode the vibration, with a backlit LCD that turns red when you’re out of tune and greens up once you’ve turned the pegs just right.

Since it doesn’t require discernible sound to tune, the clamping chromatic accessory offers an alternative to playing it by ear when you’re in noisy venues.  The colored LCD is supposed to be particularly useful, too, when you’re in dark places (like when you’re trapped in a pitch black cave with nothing but a guitar and the tuner).

The Headstock Tuner is available from Planet Waves for $42.

[Planet Waves ]