20 Actually Useful Health And Fitness Gadgets Revealed At CES 2019

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, the big brands and aspiring startups never fail to impress the crowd with innovative launches. CES 2019 was no different as the launches focused a lot of making your home smarter, your life easier and most importantly, building a healthy lifestyle for people living in this gadget-driven world.

This big list of 20 amazing health and fitness gadgets revealed at CES explores a handpicked collection of great products showcased during the event that we think you might actually incorporate in your daily routine. While some of them are still Kickstarter projects, the companies managed to show prototypes and many of them are heading to an online store real soon.

JAXJOX Kettlebell Connectjaxjox-kettlebell-connect

The Kettlebell Connect is a smart gym equipment designed and sold by JAXJOX. Before you explore various features of this product, you have to know that it costs a whopping $350 and that’s a lot of money for a weight lifting equipment. Instead of the person having to manually keep track of reps, sets and the time spent in lifting weights, the kettle weight will do it all and send it to the JAXJOX smartphone app.

When the product gets launched, it will have 40 different workout classes integrated into it that fitness lovers can use to lose weight or build muscles. We definitely need one in our workplace because many of the health-conscious gym goers tend to cheat a lot but they can’t anymore as the app keeps track of it all. Instead of having your own personal trainer or pay for a gym subscription that you hardly make use of, we could definitely suggest the Kettlebell Connect. It takes care of your reps, your fitness regime and at the end of the day will give out a fitness score which you can improvise upon in the following days. Sounds cool, right?


Hupnos Sleep MaskhupnosDo you snore a lot and disturb your spouse? Actually, this is a question we should throw directly at your partner because they are the ones who suffer when you snore loudly in the middle of the night. The Hupnos sleep mask is a quick and reliable solution, one of the many practical health gadgets revealed at CES 2019.

The mask may look simple but it is equipped with multiple sensors and makes use of Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure, EPAP technology to detect as soon as you start snoring. Instead of waking you from your sleep, the mask vibrates softly expecting you to change your sleeping position which usually stops the snoring sound. The designers have used large valves to provide enough space for you to breathe freely and the EPAP is activated only if you snore. The Hupnos sleep mask sends sleep data to iOS or Android phones via Bluetooth 4.0 with battery life up to 20 hours so that users don’t have to charge it repeatedly every night.


FightCampfightcampFightCamp is an interesting addition which combines boxing with fitness training. You can do them both at your home without having to face a real opponent or hit the nearby training arena. The bundle includes a punching bag, an exercise mat and hand wraps. These high-end gloves are equipped with a Bluetooth sensor that keeps transmitting the number of punches you threw and is tracked on the FightCamp iOS app in real time.

Be prepared to spend at least $39 every month in subscription costs which will give you access to FightCamp workouts designed by professional trainers. It includes pre-designed workouts as well as on-demand fitness and boxing plans created each week to give you variety. The entire bundle costs about $995 and if you are really serious about training while shedding those extra calories, this is a more rugged and inspiring way to do it. Don’t forget to play Eye of the Tiger in the background though to keep motivating yourself every day.


Matrix Powerwatch 2powerwatchWhile we have to charge several gadgets a day including smartphones, headphones and laptops, it is a welcome relief to see companies like Matrix going the nostalgic route. There used to be a time when brands made solar powered calculators and torches. The Powerwatch 2, which is a follow up of the Powerwatch showcased at CES 2018, is a perfect addition for anyone who is fed up of having to charge multiple peripherals every day.

The latest version features a compact 1.2-inch color display with GPS and fitness tracking. It uses thermometric and solar charging, body heat and sunlight to charge which ensures there is no need to use a charger at any point. The Matrix Powerwatch 2 is compatible with Google Fit, Apple HomeKit and is never considered a replacement for a smartwatch. While its functionalities are limited, it does support GPS, compass, walking pace and is a perfect companion for travel and trekking kind of activities.

The product costs about $199 and is being promoted on Indiegogo to hit production. However, its pricing will go up to $499 when it hits the stores and this could be the cheapest you could order right now. 


Opté Precision Skincare System

A healthy lifestyle is what modern day gadgets aim to promote and the Opte Precision Skincare System ideally suits the purpose. Being healthy is not about eradicating diseases or fighting age because it is also about looking good. When you know you look beautiful and perfect, you will feel confident about yourself. The skincare system is a handheld inkjet printer which has 120 nozzles and a powerful camera that can capture 200 pictures of your skin in a second to spot blemishes, pigmentation among other shortcomings.

In a demo video showcased at CES 2019, a person has to run the scanner over their face and it will detect the spots where a foundation is needed. It automatically applies a very tiny amount at the exact spot but leaves the rest of your face untouched. Opte believes this is the future where you look natural yet beautiful and perfect – all thanks to the technology that made this possible. Besides, excessive makeup all over the face affects one’s personality and this could be the solution people might love. There is no announcement on how expensive and practical this device could be when it gets launched.


Nanit’s Breathing Wearnanit

Nanit launched a new product named Breathing Wear at CES and it will be available in two different variants. One of them is the Breathing Band and the Nanit Swaddle. The idea is to make it easier for parents to know if their baby is having a good sleep in its cradle and in order to fully utilize the product, you have to pair it up with the Nanit Plus smart HD baby camera.

Mounted on top of the cradle, it provides a bird’s eye view of the baby to ensure its safety. Instead of focusing on the movements, the Nanit Breathing Wear is all about keeping track of baby’s breath and sleeping pattern. It doesn’t have to be in contact with the skin yet is made of breathable, safe material. The Nanit app sends real-time alerts if the baby stops breathing so that you could immediately check it out. It is available in different sizes up to 24 months and made of 100 percent cotton material. The breathing wear products start at $25 but you might have to buy the entire bundle to make the best use of it. Now you can put this device to work and take some good rest!


Interpreter Mode & Connect

This should be the easiest one to understand – the Interpreter Mode on Google Assistant. How many times have you found yourself in a foreign land and fumbling to translate content on a smartphone? Google wants to make your travel easier and it’s definitely something we would love so as to plan a trip without being intimidated by languages. With the new update, just say Hey Google, be my Spanish Interpreter and Interpreter Mode will be switched on.

The translated content can be displayed on a tablet, a display or your smartphone. You can easily check into your hotel without knowing the language. It also requires smart displays to be installed. During the event, Google partnered with Caesar’s Palace and other popular brands to showcase how it works in the real world. It is more of a software update and something Google, as well as service providers, should implement on their own. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about but just make sure the place supports Interpreter Mode.


Touchpoint Basic For Stress

Stress is one of the biggest problems people are battling with apart from numerous diseases. It could be caused by several reasons such as real-life problems, office work or the inability to understand things going around them. While traveling and unwinding in nature is a good way, Touchpoint basic is designed to help relieve your stress in closed environments on a daily basis.

Amy Serin, a neuropsychologist has designed it. The Touchpoint is simple and you just wear it like a strap around your wrist. Press the button and it will start vibrating to ease your mind within 30 seconds. If it doesn’t work, you can always increase the vibration level and the seamless sync in the vibration is designed to slow down your heartbeat, make you think clear and reduce stressful situations by calming your mind. The product costs $160 and could be a great gadget for most people who feel really stressed out on multiple occasions. Something’s driving you crazy? Are you losing your cool? Check this out and let us know your experience.


Stanley Black & Decker Pria Home Care Companion

Stanley Black and Decker was into a completely different field in the past. They make power tools and home improvements but Pria is a healthcare product designed to help the elderly and those who need medical supervision at home. With the homecare companion, it sends reminders to have medical doses at pre-defined intervals and also help monitor those who are sick.

Equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker, the patient can trigger an alarm if required, do video calls from their bed and there is no need to have a person in the sick room 24 hours a day. It saves a lot of time while creating a favorable atmosphere for both the caretaker and the patient. All the data generated is sent to an iOS or Android app as preferred. Pria even has a face and a mouth to create a friendly tone. The product costs $40 per month as a subscription to provide ongoing support and medication while individual pricing is yet to be confirmed.



Tinnitus is an ear-related problem that many people suffer from especially if they have accidentally damaged their eardrum due to high volume concerts or sound exposure. Such people constantly hear a ringing noise in their ear which is what the Diapason app aims to solve. The app has been developed after receiving lots of feedback from patients and also from experts in the ENT field.

You may or may not have Tinnitus but for those who have, the company promises effective results in just two weeks of using the Diapason app. A bunch of games are loaded into the app which the patient can play on the way which will have an impact on the problem by relaxing your mind and taking it off the constant ringing. The team calls it digital therapy and it works, at least according to the team. The app is available both on iOS and Android. It costs 12.50 euros a month or a yearly plan would set you back by 149 euros.


Quell 2.0

Quell 2.0 is a smart strap that you can wear around your calf. Unlike tight straps or oil massage, this kind of treatment is quite different and is driven by technology. The product named Quell is not entirely new as it was already launched but the health gadget showcased during CES 2019 is at least 50% smaller in size but more powerful than the previous edition.

It makes use of electric nerve simulation to relieve pain in a select area in your body. The product is powered by Quell Healthcloud, a large community of people around the globe. It receives all its AI data from thousands of customers, their pain relief stories and optimizes the treatment accordingly. A Therapy Coach smartphone companion app is also available that you can download to fight chronic pain, get motivational messages to keep going and be in the loop. Being part of a crowd emotionally heals the person and combined with AI and a comfortable strap to wear helps feel the soothing effect.


Omron HeartGuide

Omron HeartGuide promises to accurately measure your blood pressure. It is a smartwatch people would need especially if they have High Blood Pressure issues. The watch not only gathers this information but can wirelessly send it to the smart app on your iOS or Android phone to do a health analysis. The band that expands is safely tucked into this small watch. You can do it manually or set up an automatic time every day to take your blood pressure so as to save that data in the app.

Apart from being a highly reliable watch, the HeartGuide also keeps track of your motion. It records how many steps you take every day and the overall quality of your sleep. Anyone who is suffering from blood pressure should definitely get this one to safeguard against an unexpected situation where they could faint due to high or low BP. The product is authorized by the food and drug administration department. Such a futuristic technology is not going to be cheap as the Omron HeartGuide costs $499 and is worth it for those who have an immediate requirement.


Olay FaceNavi Smart Wand

After going through a long list of medical gadgets and how technology helps people cope up with diseases, here’s something to brighten up the masses. Olay is a fashion brand which has come up with the FaceNavi, a smart wand that makes use of electromagnetic technology. Instead of applying foundation all over your face, it scans your skin and sends the information to the smartphone app.

Based on the suggestions made by the app and the AI makeup assistant, all you have to do is run the wand over your face until it finishes covering specific skin issues wherever needed to get that smooth look. It should make life easy for a lot of women who don’t have too much time for makeup but would love to look their best every time they go out. Similar devices like the FaceNavi Smart Wand were unveiled at CES 2019 but it is to be seen which of them makes it first to the consumer market and grabs a market share.


L’Oreal My Skin Track pH

L’Oreal introduced a new product at the CES show and it was a unique one because finally you can know lots of important things about your own skin. The wearable launched at the event allows users to know the pH levels on their skin. The target audience is dermatologists who can use it to determine what needs to be treated while users can also do it on their own to follow a healthier lifestyle.

The wearable should be wrapped facing your inner arm for at least five minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes. The two dots on the strap should pick up your color so as to send accurate results to the My Skin track pH app. Apart from the pH level on your skin, it can also detect glucose level, lactate, chloride and other details required by a professional. There is no word on the consumer version of the product and it is still in prototype stage but will be very useful to treat skin diseases as well as make your skin look healthier and brighter by analyzing it on a deep level.


Neutrogena MaskID

The Neutrogena MaskID makes great use of the 3D printing technology which is yet to find its way into the mainstream market. The brand is known for making some of the world’s best skincare products and they have pushed it a notch with this new gadget. It utilizes the 3D camera in a smartphone, such as the ones used in the iPhone XS, XR to snap a selfie and create a multi-dimensional map of a person’s face to analyze their skin.

The data collected from an individual will be transferred to the Neutrogena Skin 360 database and a 3D printed hydrogel mask will be provided to the person. It will make it easier for them to understand where all the weak spots in their face are that need to be fixed and how makeup, as well as foundation, if used properly in these spots can enhance their overall looks. By combining multiple technologies for skin analysis, MaskID is a perfect example of how the future could not only help the health industry but also aid in beauty and comfortable living.


HiiGa One

The gym scene has been pretty much stagnant for many years and people have been using mechanical weight driven machines for decades now. The HiiGa One aims to change it by ushering in digital technology. It is a weight training, workout machine which has no visible weights and users don’t have to get up every time to change the weight levels to increase the pressure exerted on their muscles.

Everything is automated in this new piece of technology which automatically increases the weight when weight is pushed back onto the user. After extensive research, the manufacturers have found that straining to bring down the weight is more effective on the muscles than pushing it up which is why HiiGa One automatically increases it. It is a personalized weight training equipment that focuses on getting the maximum out of your workout time with emphasis on quality than quantity. It is not commercially available yet.


Somnox Sleep RobotsomnoxWould you want to cuddle a robot that would put you to sleep? The world you might have seen in movies like Blade Runner is not far away as it has already started. Gone are the days when people want to cuddle a spouse or just a plain pillow because smart home gadgets have come to your assistance. If you suffer from issues like stress, depression and burning eyes due to too many digital screens, the Somnox Sleep Robot has an answer to all your problems.

Equipped with motors on the inside, the small and cuddly robot puts you to sleep with gentle vibrations. It allows users who spoon it to focus on sleeping and apart from gentle vibrating parts, it also has speakers that sends out musical notes used for yoga, meditation and sleep. When everything is bundled into a single package made of soft leather foam and other soothing materials, you are ensured to get a good night’s sleep within minutes of hitting the bed. The statistics are monitored and sent to the official app for your perusal. Somnox sleep robot costs 549 euros and is available for pre-order now.


Y Brushy-brushSometimes, we tend to get too lazy. Even to brush our teeth! Have you never felt it that way? I mean who has all the time to brush for 10 minutes straight and if you have a habit of doing it twice a day, it becomes even more difficult (or say, time consuming). CES 2019 has the answer with the Y Brush that lets you get the job done in just 10 seconds. That is great because it simplifies the process with a mouth guard filled with bristles all over and all you have to do is put your favorite paste in the filler cap in front of the guard.

The next step is to switch on the power button and the Y Brush will start vibrating. It spreads the paste around and cleans your teeth in the perfect angle suggested by the American Dental Association. Do it for just five seconds on your lower teeth and then on your upper teeth. It is available in four different sizes to suit people of all age groups and dental shapes. Within ten seconds, you will be sparkling clean but this is certainly not designed for those who love to do it on their own at a leisurely pace. The Y Brush costs $125 which is slightly expensive but it is made for tech geeks who crave for innovation as soon as they start their day.


SlighterslighterSlighter is a cigarette lighter that is aimed at helping you quit your smoking habit. That sounds very ironical. We thought so too because a lighter may encourage more smoking but the brand has some other ideas. They suggest that it becomes your companion to light up your cigarette but it does send notifications on when to smoke and when not to smoke. Being a smart lighter, it also keeps track of your smoking habits and provides you important inputs to gradually help you quit the bad habit.

The Slighter is a compact, black gadget which even has a display to show what it is processing. Just smoke as you do every day so that it can understand how addicted you are to nicotine. The data collected from you personally can also be shared with a community that is trying hard to quit smoking. The concept is quite similar to weight loss apps and it comes with a range of features bundled inside to make your journey towards becoming a non-smoker more fun. Every time you achieve a milestone, it even encourages you! Slighter costs about $129 and its now available for pre-order.


R-Pur Anti-Pollution Smart Mask

This is a product that almost every cyclist living in a crowded metropolitan city requires! After introducing smart capabilities in almost every other health gadget including beauty products, we now have the R-Pur anti-pollution smart mask. The way it works is simple yet very effective. It is powered by lighted areas. Every time the air quality turns bad, it shows a red colored light strip all over the mask and changes as the air becomes better for cyclists to continue riding.

Designed by the French company R-Pur, the mask filters harmful bacteria found in air and provides cyclists a great way to breathe in fresh air. It significantly reduces any airborne diseases that affect people a lot when they travel in public on their cycles. The mask connects seamlessly with your smartphone app providing updates on current air quality in your city, ways to breathe fresh and it is made of highly comfortable material that you could wear for long hours without any discomfort.


CES 2019 – The Year of Health Conscious Smart Gadgets

CES 2019 had a strong focus on health gadgets and making life smart for people who are looking forward to leading a healthy lifestyle. While the event often focused on televisions and smart homes in the past, there were lots of great, practical products to look forward to including smart baby cribs to masks and sleeping robots that help you sleep peacefully. Many of these are products are expensive as they are still prototypes and are on Indiegogo but it won’t be long before they become part of your daily life to ensure you smoke less, eat healthy food and enjoy convenience at home beyond simply using voice assistants to find your favorite song.