Heat-Changing Arcade Mugs Spice Up Your Morning Coffee With Pacman And Space Invaders


Want to down your morning coffee with a little Pacman or Space Invaders on the side?  Now you can with the Heat-Changing Arcade Mugs, which go from bland to grand after pouring hot liquid beverages down its mouth.

Your mug may have a funny joke on it, but it’s the same lame attempt at comedy every time.  These mugs may look just as trite, clad with generic lines and shapes while sitting on the cupboard.  Pour down that freshly-brewed coffee, however, and it changes into an awesome arcade scene straight out of 1982.   Pair it with an Atari USB controller and you can live like it’s an 8-bit world all over again.


Two designs are currently available for the Heat-Changing Arcade Mugs – Pacman and Space Invaders (technically, it’s Pac Boy and Space Intruders to avoid nasty lawyers from coming into play).  Without hot coffee inside them, the Pacman one just shows a blank maze while the Space Invaders model just has the barriers, stars and the protagonist’s ship.  Once the high temperature drink hits the vessel, all the characters fill out on the mug’s exterior.

The mugs are standard-sized at 3.75 x 3 inches, so you can enjoy the same amount of caffeine as you’re used to every morning.  Like all heat-changing mugs, the graphics that show up are a great way to tell if there’s hot liquid in the thing.

Thinkgeek has the mugs selling for $7.99 apiece. GET EM NOW