Keep Your Dips And Sauces Warm With This Heated Chip And Dip Tray


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cold dips. Whether it’s cheese, salsa, or something else, the darn thing will still taste good even after it’s cooled down, after all. Still, given the choice between cold and hot dips, there’s no doubt everyone’s going to choose the one that fills your mouth with warmth. This Heated Chip and Dip Tray will ensure your dips and sauces stay warm the entire time.

While it looks like a simple chip tray with a dip bowl at the center, that center bowl sits atop a heated base, allowing it to keep any dip warm for the entire duration of the snack. Whether you’re hosting a party, having people over for a game, or just enjoying an extended nightcap, this thing should let you accompany those activities with chips and a warm bowl of your favorite dip.


The Heated Chip and Dip Tray measures 14.5 inches in diameter, with four slots for accommodating an assortment of chips and a bowl sized to hold half a quart of dip. Do note, the heated bowl won’t cook anything, instead merely keeping things warm, so there should be no danger of burning your tongue at any time. The catch? It powers using an actual wall plug, instead of batteries, so the tray is going to be stuck in the same place the entire time. Which is great for parties, since folks can’t just lift the entire tray for themselves, but sucks a bit for personal use, since you’ll have to be stuck next to an outlet while enjoying your snack.


Available now, the Heated Chip and Dip Tray is priced at $24.99.

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