HeatStick Boils Your Water In A Jiffy

Potable drinking water is one of the few necessities even the ruggedest of men will require when they’re out in the wild.  Unless you luck out and have a clean stream wherever you end up, though, you’re going to have to boil any water you find to ensure it doesn’t end up making you sick.  The HeatStick wants to simplify how you get that done.

Billed as a “revolutionary water heating system,” it saves you from the hassle of starting a fire and waiting for the 10 minutes or so that’s required to bring your pot to a boil.  Instead, you just stick the gizmo into your beverage container to send your water into immediate high heat.

The HeatStick is a unique heat delivery system that works hand in hand with an aluminum canister of propane called FuelSticks.  To use, simply attach the FuelStick to the HeatStick, hit the igniter and screw the assembly into the water bottle.  Each device comes with its own bottle with a mouth sized to fit it, although it should also work with most standard drinking bottles in the market (just don’t expect to screw everything on perfectly).

Aside from the faster heating, the device brings other benefits that should make it a great choice for serious survivalists.  It’s easy to pack,, creates no flame (so Predators can’t see you boiling water and stuff), works silently (again, Predators… and zombies) and it can be operated under any wind and precipitation conditions.  Provided you brought enough FuelSticks along to last you through your adventure, of course.

The catch?  The HeatStick ain’t cheap.  Price is around $400+, with the FuelSticks going  for almost $80 for a set of 10.  Yikes.

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