Helinox Tactical Field Office Lets You Set Up A Workspace Anywhere You Go

Working from home is great. You can sleep in a little longer, wear comfortable clothes all day, and save money on the all the impulse spending you end up indulging when you’re out-and-about. Problem is, living and working from a lap desk on your couch can get really numbing after a while. You will crave for a change of scenery. The Helinox Tactical Field Office offers a way to let you set up a workspace anywhere you go.

A mobile workspace in a bag, it gives you a desk you can deploy in any location, along with enough room inside the bag to carry all the gear you need for work. Whether you want to do your remote work while camping in the backcountry, getting fresh air in the park, or just hanging out some place new, this thing should help you get a functional workspace wherever you end up.

The Helinox Tactical Field Office doesn’t exactly look like a regular bag, so you’re not going to be discreetly carrying a portable office. Instead, it consists of a 15-liter bag with a boxy profile that can be carried by hand or using an adjustable shoulder strap. Unlike, pretty much, any regular bag, though, its edges are encased by an external aluminum frame, allowing it to stand perfectly upright whenever you set it down on any surface. That frame is connected to a worktop on the side, which you can deploy by simply unfolding and attaching two legs (which are stashed inside designated pockets on the bag). From there, you’re set, with a stable desk ready for a day on the grind.

Because the desk is attached to the frame and the bag, you get easy access to your gear the whole time you’re working, so it’s almost like working with a handy drawer right by your side. Need to use the bag and the desk separately? That works, too, as the work top is completely detachable from the frame, while a second pair of legs in the pocket allows you to set it up as a standalone worktop.

The Helinox Tactical Field Office has a zippered top that opens completely for easy access to the contents, along with a flip-down opening in front if you’d rather access the main compartment that way. This gives you plenty of a flexibility in the kind of gear you can stash inside, allowing you to arrange your stuff exactly the way you need. Do note, the main compartment is mostly bare, with nothing but a small divider between the front and main sections, so you’ll probably have to use bags and pouches to properly organize your stash.

Construction is 600D polyester for the main fabric, with the aluminum frame further reinforcing it from the exterior, so this should hold up to a lot more roughhousing than most conventional bags. It has multiple rows of MOLLE webbing on the front, too, allowing you attach all sorts of smaller bags and pouches for even more organizing options.

The Helinox Tactical Field Office is available now, priced at $199.95.

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