Helinox Ultralight Table Folds To The Size Of An Umbrella

The Helinox Ultralight Table is a camping table that can fold to a size no bigger than your gunbrella and no heavier than a travel bottle filled with your favorite refreshment. It’s the efficient, convenient, and functional table every outdoor enthusiast who insists on packing light will never have to think twice about bringing along.

Measuring just 16.1 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter with a weight of 1.5 pounds when folded, it gets you a usable table with none of the hassle. You can cram one in the corner of your bag, cinch it to a loop on the backpack, or even carry it with one hand.

Granted, the Helinox Ultralight Table isn’t a full-service picnic table like many heavier, bulkier products in the market. Standing just 16.1 inches tall, you’ll have to use it while sitting on a low stool (or bending down if you prefer to stay on your feet), but it will get the job done, whether for keeping your valuables off the ground, holding your drinks, or making supper at camp feel just a little more civilized. It comes with a table surface measuring 16. 1 x 23.6 inches, with two built-in recessed cupholders to ensure someone clumsy doesn’t accidentally tip the beers over.

Assembly is supposedly easy, with shock cords helping to quickly put the poles and hubs together. We’re not sure about the actual weight this can handle, although it will probably be best to restrict use for lighter items (the Outdoor Pizza Oven needs to go somewhere else).

Amazon has the Helinox Ultralight Table priced at $99.95.

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