Hello Kitty Wine Makes Being An Alcoholic Almost Cute

Let’s face it. Hello Kitty’s appeal has long gone past the under-12 crowd, crossing over to people in their teens, 20s, 30s and beyond. Now, the impossibly kawaii cat can be the Sanrio-lovin’ alcoholic’s drinking companion too with these Hello Kitty Wines.  The prospect of getting drunk never looked so cute.

Yep, they’re alcoholic beverages with Sanrio-sanctioned Hello Kitty branding. That way, you can drink yourself silly after realizing how much money you’ve actually spent on your Hello Kitty collection. Sure, it might be a good time to begin drinking something without the iconic pink-wearin’ cat plastered all over it, but some habits are hard to break. Might as well live and die by the kitty.

Created by Camomilla S.p.A. in partnership with Italian winery Torti “Tenimenti Castelrotto,” the collection currently includes four wines, each of which have been DOC-certified for quality. The bottles consist of the Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rosé, the Hello Kitty Sparkling “Sweet Pink,” the 2008 Hello Kitty Angel Whit and the 2006 Hello Kitty Devil Red. All the beverages were made in a winery along the highly-regarded Lombardy wine region of Italy.

Using a tagline of “Our favorite girl has grown up,” the wine is looking to appeal to older Hello Kitty fans, just like the ever-growing number of accessories and products aimed at not-so-young Sanrio collectors. The bottles range from $20 to $30, which sounds cheap enough to stock up on just for the sheer novelty of having a Hello Kitty bottle sitting on your wine case.

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