Henry US Survival AR-7 Hides Entire Rifle In The Stock

We love survival rifles.  They’re potent enough for survival situations, they’re light and they can be taken apart to a compact size for easy portability.  With the world preparing for all sorts of apocalypse scenarios, we doubt it can hurt to arm yourself with one.  This Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle looks like a great firearm to keep in your emergency apocalypse backpack.

While many takedown rifles usually disassemble into a bag or a case, this one doesn’t need any other accessories during transport.  Instead, the barrel, receiver and the rest of the parts can cram right into the stock, allowing you to slide it into the spare corner of a bag so it doesn’t get in the way of your other supplies.  The stock is built to be waterproof and impact-resistant, keeping your gun completely safe while coddled inside its protective shell.  On top of that, the entire thing will float when dropped in water, so you can easily retrieve the gun if it accidentally falls off while you’re speeding on a boat to escape a zombie onslaught.

The Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle is a semi-automatic firearm that measures 35 inches long when assembled and 16.5 inches when taken apart.  Weighing a light 3.5 pounds, it can take 8-round magazines (two are included) with the same standard .22 caliber ammo used in traditional survival rifles.  Features include an adjustable rear sight, a bladed front sight and a grooved receiver so you can easily top it off with a powerful scope.

According to the product page, the Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle can be assembled in seconds, so you can be ready to fire at a moment’s notice.  It’s available now, priced at $275.

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