Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair Gets A Tactical-Looking, Blacked-Out Gaming Edition

Few office chairs have received more acclaim or recognition than the Herman Miller Aeron. And it’s been a constant fixture in many workplaces since it debuted back in 1992. Now, the company wants it to be a constant fixture in people’s gaming setups, too, with the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Gaming Edition.

That’s right, the chair that won the hearts and minds of many office workers now want to do the same with gamers. Because, you know, gamers probably spend more time in front of a computer in their bedroom than the average coder spends in his desk at work, making the benefits of an ergonomic gaming chair just as crucial to their overall health. We know, gamers have their own gaming chairs. If you’re not a fan of the racing-style seats and the bright colors, though, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate something like this a lot more.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Gaming Edition is, pretty much, just a standard Aeron, albeit clad in a blacked-out finish that, we guess, will suit gaming setups better than most offices. That means, you get the same forward seat position that’s ideal for active engagement with your mouse, keyboard, and monitor, as well as a rear knob adjustment that lets you fine tune the pads that stabilize the lower back and support the spine’s lumbar region, so you can lean into your game in the most comfortable manner imaginable. The result is a chair that puts your body in its strongest posture, with an upright torso, chest wide open, and pelvis tilted slightly forward.

Even better, the design keeps you in contact with the backrest at all times, all while staying in complete control of your body’s movements the whole time. Aside from the lower back pad adjustments, the chair also lets you adjust the arm (height and width), seat height, chair tilt (you can lean it forward or recline it), and chair tension.

Speaking of chair tension, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair Gaming Edition gets eight latitudinal zones of varying tension on the seat and backrest that, the outfit says, is tightest at the edges and more forgiving where it makes contact with the body, essentially enveloping your entire body while you sit in it. That way, your whole body gets the support it needs, whether you’re running an obstacle course in Fall Guys, protecting a planted spike in Valorant, or raging at cheaters in Warzone. Yeah, cheaters are horrible. It uses 8Z Pellicle fabric for this, by the way, which is a blend of elastomer and polyester that allows air, body heat, and water vapor to pass through the seat and backrest to keep you at comfortable temperatures.

Two sizes are available: medium and large. The former comes with a maximum 43.25-inch height and 26.5-inch width, while the latter gets a maximum 45.4-inch height and 27.6-inch width. Other details include a maximum supported weight of 350 pounds, a maximum height of 6’6”, injection-molded foam armpads, glass-filled nylon frame, and 2.5-inch caster wheels that work on both carpets and hard floors.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Gaming Edition is available now, priced at $1,445.

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