Hermes Folding Travel Belt Zig-Zags Into Your Carry-On Bag

Designed for a problem whose existence is more questionable than certain, the Hermes Folding Travel Belt is supposed to serve as an easier-to-store spare belt that can make room in a very tight corner of your carry-on luggage. How? By using seven individual leather straps arranged in a zig-zag configuration, turning your belt into a bundle is as easy as flipping items right back into a multi-tool hub.

If you’ve ever traveled with the end of a belt sticking out because the damn leather just won’t stay rolled up, then this metal and leather accessory should suffer none of the same issues.  Conventional belts are difficult to compact into a small stack – not so with this belt, which has been specifically equipped for that function.

The Hermes Folding Travel Belt uses a folding ruler construction, complete with metal pivots that should double as studs for an even more stylish look. While definitely convenient for storage, the stiffer design and the joint arrangement seems a little less so for actually hooking onto loops in your pants. Of course, it’s entirely possible the thing wears better than I imagine, so I’ll assume it’s not as cumbersome as my initial impressions.

Opting to carry a canvas belt instead of leather should solve your problems with fitting one inside a small bag, so we’re not sure about the problem this novel design really solves. Other than having too much money than you can care for, that is. Yes, the Hermes Folding Travel Belt is a pricey piece, retailing for $750.