Pushcarts Can Be Mobile Offices Too: The Het Kruikantoor

We’ve seen mobile offices dumped on the back of vans  before.  If you don’t have a spare vehicle to equip with a work area, however, a push-along office like the Het Kruikantoor just might do the trick.

Created by designer Tim Vinke, the setup is essentially a desk, shelves and two chairs clad in the form of a modular wheelbarrow.  Slap them together like Lego blocks and you’ll end up with a pushcart (yes it has wheels on one corner) you can transport anywhere in your building or somewhere within walking distance.  To get your makeshift office ready, just take them apart and arrange the individual pieces anywhere you’d like.

The Het Kruikantoor Mobile Office is made from EPS foam (expandable polystrene), which is a pretty durable material, though I’m not sure if it won’t crumble at the weight of your fat ass.   The guy in the photo looks like he’s rocking it good, so it’s probably sufficient.  It gets a coating of polyurea hotspray for that professional-looking dark shade, because the appearance of white styrofoam just makes your fly-by-night operation look like a cheap fly-by-night operation.  And we both know you’re a classier scam artist than that.

Personally, I’d prefer my “pushcart workstation” in hard plastic so I can take it outdoors and risk getting it wet in the rain, but uncreative people with no money don’t really have any room to bargain.  It’s not like I can afford it.  We’re not sure how many of these Tim made, but it’s listed on sale for 4,500 Euros.

[Tim Vinke via Moco Loco]