HexHog ATV Wheelchair Uses An Articulated Chassis That Conforms To Any Terrain

Surviving the apocalypse while bound to a wheelchair probably sucks.  Because, you know, everybody will head up to the woods to seek out safe shelter and they don’t even have any ramps in there.  Fortunately, we’ve been seeing a growing list of options in mobility transport rigged for off-road use and this new HexHog is, arguably, the king of the lot.

Technically classified as an ATV, the one-person transporter is equipped to traverse erstwhile inaccessible terrains.  Whether you’re traveling over hilly fields, rocky mountains, muddy trails, or shallow water, this personal transporter will get you through it.  It won’t exactly let you escape apocalypse bandit gangs at a top speed of 8.5 mph and a limited electric range of just 12 miles, but for making your way around camp, it will do.

The HexHog uses six wheels set up on an articulated chassis that flexes to ensure all wheels maintain contact with the ground, regardless of the terrain you’re traversing.  It features all-wheel drive for maximum off-road traction, with a zero turning circle for high levels of maneuverability.  The 6×6 transmission is fully sealed and the drive motors raised high to provide access to snow, swamps, and other wet terrains.  It uses an electronic drive architecture, with the entire thing operated from a programmable joystick.

Other features include a height-adjustable seat for transferring from a wheelchair and a remote control for independently loading onto a trailer.  An optional kit that converts the vehicle into a road-legal “car” is also available, although the aforementioned speed and range limitations make it very impractical even for short-range trips around the city.

Pricing for the HexHog starts at £18,000.

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