Hi-Sun Beach Blanket With Speakers Puts Music In Tanning

Just when I thought beach towels were benign pieces of summer gear, somebody goes ahead and puts speakers in them.  Just be careful not to ruin the day for everyone else with loud music while you lounge in the sun with the Hi-Sun beach blanket, which comes armed with “amplified speakers” to play your favorite death metal setlist for everyone in the vicinity to hear.  Attack from the grave and descend from the pits of hell, anyone?

Created by Hi-Fun, the summertime accessory is billed as a three in one: a beach towel, a portable speaker system and a backpack.  Yes, it can transform into its own carrying rucksack too, allowing you to sling it over your shoulder for easy transport.

The Hi-Sun lays out into a 100% cotton blanket measuring 5.9 x 2.6 feet, with a compartment along the top where two 2W speakers are installed.  Equipped with a 3.5mm connector, it can work with any music source with compatible ports, including iPods and many other handheld devices.   The speakers come with rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which you can replenish via USB.  Do note that the speakers aren’t waterproof, so they need to be removed for washing.

As you can tell, this is a tad too small for larger folks, so some parts of your body will have to touch the sand or you could put another layer underneath it.  Available in red, black, blue and pink, the Hi-Sun is priced at $72.   And the bikini model doesn’t come with purchase, just in case you get confused.

[Hi-Fun via Dvice]