Hide & Drink’s Leather Sleeve With Handle Turns Pints Into Functional Mugs


Using a sleeve or a koozie when drinking your beer off a pint is a great way to ensure you don’t ruin the drink’s chilly temperatures with hand contact. And while there’s no shortage of both, we also haven’t quite seen anything that turns an erstwhile pint into a beer mug the way this Pint Sleeve with Handle does.

Made by Hide & Drink, it’s a leather pint sleeve with an integrated leather handle, allowing you handle the glass like a mug for whatever entertainment it brings you way. Of course, you can still handle it like a regular pint glass, wrapping your hand around the sleeve to take a swig of your homebrewed craft beer without warming it up from skin to glass contact.


The Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve with Handle is made from 100 percent genuine soft cowhide leather, giving it a rustic appearance that should only improve with age and wear. Weathered-looking metal hardware only serve to reinforce the rustic feel, with a fire-branded label in the back giving the whole thing a rural, mountain man vibe. Each one is hand-cut and hand-sewn to ensure well-crafted construction, with a build that should hold up through pints upon pints of boozing through the years. It measures 4 x 4.5 x 1 inches, which should fit most conventional pints and drinking glasses (no, there’s nothing conventional about your Four Bottle Pint).

Available now, the Hide & Drink Pint Sleeve with Handle is priced at $14.

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