This Mesh Duffel Bag Boasts Near-Indestructible Qualities


A duffel made from a fine mesh material may sound like a disposable way of carrying your gear. With the Lost Lake Duffel Bag, however, creators High Above were actually going for the opposite – a nearly-indestructible bag that will never “snag, tear, or fade.” Really.

Designed as a versatile bag, its makers claim the bag can make for an ideal carrying gear, whether you’re going to the gym, packing for a game, or car camping with a bunch of friends for the weekend. We know, using a mesh bag for outdoor activities, doesn’t sound like the best idea, but the outfit claims it brings some unique qualities that might make you change your mind.


The High Above Lost Lake Duffel Bag is made from a material called Phifertex, a waffle-like mesh fabric that’s extremely durable, ensuring it can survive rough handling whether indoors or outdoors, apart from being UV-stable, so it will retain its looks even through years of exposure to the sun. It’s also infused with antimicrobial technology, so it will never develop odor even when regularly filled with sweaty gear, with the mesh design also allowing air to cycle through the bag, so your sweaty clothes aren’t likely to develop any odors during transit either.

Because of the mesh construction, any sand or dirt from your dirty clothes can come off and fall through the perforations, ensuring you don’t end up soiling the interior of the bag while going home from a trip. It also makes finding gear in fully-packed bags faster, as you can easily spot from the outside where a piece of gear is in your stash. Because of the mesh construction, the bag can pack down into a small size when empty, allowing you to roll it in a bundle for carrying as a backup bag during trips where you expect to come home with a few more gear than you left with.


The High Above Lost Lake Duffel Bag combines the mesh material with mil-spec webbing, which should hold up just as well as the durable body fabric. A pair of #10 YKK zippers allow you to access the wide opening on top, while key clips on the side pouch let you secure your key fob right on the bag. It comes in two sizes: small (22 liters) and large (46 liters), so there’s a perfect size for your needs, whether you plan to use it as a gym bag for your regular workouts or as a gear bag when hitting the outdoors.


Of course, having perforations means the darn thing will also expose the bag’s contents to both water and dust, so if you’re going any place where those two are going to be a problem, it might not make for the most ideal way to pack. Sure, you can still use it, but you might have to settle using it for non-sensitive items like tools and supplies.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the High Above Lost Lake Duffel Bag. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $69.

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