High Camp Flasks Highball Shaker Mixes Your Cocktails And Keeps Your Drinks Cold

It looks more like a Thermos bottle than a cocktail shaker. You know, the kind you use to store hot water while at camp, so you can have hot coffee or tea any time without having to use the stovetop. That’s because the High Camp Flasks Highball Shaker can actually function as one, on top of serving its primary job of mixing killer cocktails for your regularly scheduled nightcap.

Named after the popular whiskey cocktail, the vessel takes on the shape of a tall glass, which makes sense since that is the highball’s traditional serving vessel. According to the product page, however, it’s actually inspired by the Mason jar, although, we’ll be honest, we don’t see the likeness whatsoever. Sorry, we’re still going with a Thermos here.

The High Camp Flasks Highball Shaker is actually a three-piece vessel, consisting of the main body, a strainer section, and a lid cover. When used for mixing cocktails, you need to assemble all three pieces together, with the strainer keeping any solids from pouring into your glass just like in a regular cocktail shaker. After transferring the liquid contents to a cup, you can remove the strainer section and use the main body as a tall glass by pouring your mixed drink inside and adding any garnishes you want.

It’s equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation, making it just as potent as those Yeti Ramblers and similar cocktail vessels when it comes to keeping your mixed libations cold, allowing you to enjoy your drink of choice from first sip to the last drop. According to the outfit, the main body on its own can fit up to 14 ounces of liquids, so you can also use it for drinking beers, sodas, and other beverages, as it you can pour an entire 12-ounce can or bottle into it.

The High Camp Flasks Highball Shaker can be turned into an even taller drinking cup by adding the strainer section. Of course, you’ll have the sight of a perforated guard while you sip on your favorite suds, but we doubt you’ll mind that much. With the strainer on board, it can hold up to 20 ounces of liquids inside. When used with the lid, with or without the strainer section, the whole thing turns into an insulated travel bottle that you can use to hydrate when you’re at the gym, the nearby hiking trail, or the local dog park.

Construction is 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel, so this thing should carry a substantial feel, ensuring it won’t easily damage when it slips out of your hand while you’re mixing a cocktail or falls out of your backpack when you trip on a rocky trail. When the lid is secured onto the top, the vacuum insulation can keep drinks hot or cold for as long as 24 hours, too, so your hot coffee or cold orange juice will still be at satisfying temperatures after a day of adventure. Other features include a stainless steel plug cap, leak-proof silicone seal on the cover, and an included tricot nylon sleeve to keep it from being scratched during transport.

The High Camp Flasks Highball Shaker is available now, priced at $79.

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