Hinge N Hang Mounts A Towel Bar To Your Door Hinge

Sure, you can attach some of those adhesive hooks on the back of the bathroom door to give yourself extra facilities for hanging towels and other garments, but we have a feeling you’ll end up needing even more space shortly down the line.  The Hinge N Hang offers a more expandable alternative.

A multi-purpose towel bar, it installs conveniently right on the door hinge, so there’s no need to work with hammers, adhesives, and screwdrivers.  Once mounted, it gives users a freestanding bar for hanging clothes and towels.  It’s made of metal, too, so you can snap your Magnetic Hangers right on there if you have those.

The Hinge N Hang measures 14 inches long in compact form, with a telescopic body that can extend up to 32 inches when needed.  When stretched out, the bar can support up to 8 pounds of weight, which should be enough for a few wet towels and over 30 dry items of clothing.  It can be folded behind the  door to keep things neat, as well as pulled out for drying garments when they’re wet.  Construction is aluminum with a chrome finish for the rod, with the mounting pin clad in steel.

While designed for bathrooms, the bar can install in practically any door with standard residential hinges, so you can set it up at the front door, bedroom doors, and even hinged closet doors.  It weighs just 14 oz., so you can throw it in a bag for extra storage space in hotels when you’re traveling.

Hinge N Hang available for $29.95.

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