Mizusion Lamp Can Run For Over Three Days On A Single Load Of Saltwater


Lamps that generate their power from hand-cranking motions have long been the go-to portable light source for most doomsday kits, as they will let you illuminate a room even without a fresh supply of batteries. If you live in an area with plenty of saltwater, however, a hand-cranked lamp just might not be the best option, since you can get light without the elbow grease using the Hitachi Maxell Mizusion.

Powered by saltwater, the lamp allows you to light up the dark without having to wear your arms out turning a crank over and over, making it a much better option if you have access to the necessary fuel nearby. That means, you can reserve your energy for carrying out essential survival tasks throughout the day, allowing to lean back at night and catch some rest without having to do extra work.


Hitachi Maxell haven’t quite divulged the exact portions of the salt-and-water mix needed to run the Mizusion, although a full load of the recommended mix is supposed to keep it running at 2,000 lux for up to 80 hours straight. Yep, over three days. And, yes, we guess it can work with regular saltwater from the ocean, too, although the rated duration will likely vary in those situations. It can be used for a long time, as well, provided you stock up on extra magnesium bars and replace the integrated one as soon as it degrades.

Available now, the Hitachi Maxell Mizusion is priced at $57.

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