HKMT Luxury Multimedia Rooms: Exactly What I need In My House

You can pair up an HTIB with a comfy couch and an HDTV, then call it a home theater, but who are we kidding? That picture right there is what a real home theater should look like. Unless you’re as impoverished as me, at which point, our crappy setups will do and anyone who disagrees can say hello to my shotgun rack (just the rack; I’m too poor for an actual shotgun).

Just in case you’ve a got a bit more coin to spare for decking that entertainment center, HKMT Acoustic Designs have just announced their turn-key HD Luxury Multimedia Room solutions. The all-in packages cover the whole deal, beginning from the electronics setup to room acoustics to the overall design.

No standalone BD and DVD players here. Designed for serious home theater enthusiasts, packages begin with multimedia juke box systems (built-in storage up to 30TB), HD sound systems, HD projectors, in-room WiFi, mood lighting, reclining seats and a centralized console for all the room’s electronics. They offer four different packages, namely Nano, Designer, Signature and Theme, in order of disregard for your budget.

Unfortunately, there aren’t much specifics on each. Other than the Nano being for budget-conscious folks and the Theme being for customers looking to outfit their rooms with one-of-a-kind designs, they don’t offer too much details. Most likely, you’ll have to ring them up to get the skinny on the systems, along with price ranges for every one. But, man, those home theaters look sick! I might literally never leave the house again.

[Press Release via Born Rich]