Hobbit Hole Playhouse Brings Middle-Earth Smials Into Your Backyard

Being a hardcore fan ain’t easy.  Whether you’re dedicating your obsessions to Star Wars, Apple gadgets, or the cult of The Dude, it’s an expensive, time-consuming road ahead.  If Lord of the Rings is your compulsive fanboy preoccupation of choice, then living in a hobbit hole probably figures somewhere in your bucket list.  And you can finally cross that off with these Hobbit Hole Playhouses.

Styled to look like the preferred dwellings of the ancient mortal race from Middle-earth, the playhouses offer a close recreation of the smials depicted in the films.   That way, you can live in tiny spaces the same way hobbits of the Shire did, allowing you to live out some LOTR fantasies in real life.

The Hobbit Hole Playhouse comes in three variants, Little Merry, Big Merry, and Woodshire.  Little Merry has a floor area of 32 square feet, with cedar framing, shilap pine siding, forged iron door hinges, and plexiglass inserts on the windows, while Big Merry offers a more spacious 60 square feet, with the same basic features as its smaller counterpart.  The last option, Woodshire, is designed to integrate into landscaping, allowing you to more closely recreate the hole-in-the-ground abodes from the LOTR universe, apart from coming with an option for a sod-ready roof that lets you grow a bunch of grass on top for an even more authentic appearance.  All three come sporting the requisite tunnel-like shapes, with round doors and windows that stay faithful to Middle-earth housing aesthetics.

You can order the Hobbit Hole Playhouse directly from Wooden Wonders, with prices starting at $1,595.

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