Bring The Hodinkee Silver Spring Bar Tool If You Plan To Tinker With Your Watches During Trips


If you like to travel with your favorite watches in tow, chances are, they come accompanied with a few extra straps to change up the look, depending on how you plan on accessorizing. That means, you’ll need a tool for easily swapping new bands on the fly and Hoodinkee’s Spring Bar Tool is all sorts of perfect for the job.

Combining heavy duty construction with a convenient, travel-friendly size, this tool equips you with everything you need to change spring bars, adjust bracelet links, and swap watch bands on the road, all while taking a minimal amount of space in your luggage. Heck, it’s so small you can actually keep it in a pocket, ensuring you’ll be duly armed for various watch maintenance tasks, wherever in the world you are.


The Hodinkee Silver Spring Bar Tool is a capsule-like tool with two tips: a forked tip for replacing spring bars and a pointed one for changing straps and removing bracelet links. Both tips come with end caps, so they’re completely protected when not in use, ensuring you can drop it in a pants pocket without worry that you might end up damaging the tool. While you can keep it in a pocket on its own, it comes with a leather carrying pouch if you want to avoid nicking the body during transport.


Available now, the Hodinkee Silver Spring Bar Tool is priced at $45.

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