Holga Filter Wheel Turns Your Expensive DSLR Into An Inexpensive Toy Camera


DLSRs are powerful machines, capable of taking amazing photographs regardless of environmental conditions. Despite all of its talents, though, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a DSLR that can do shots like a cheap Holga toy camera for those times you just want to goof around and take lo-fi pictures. This Holga Filter Wheel changes that.

Designed to fit Nikon and Canon DSLRs, it’s a round device that mounts to the front of your camera, allowing you to quickly switch from one filter to another with just a slight turn of the wheel. No more fumbling around your gear bag trying to find that color gel, macro lens, or acrylic flash filter – this thing lets you quickly change from one to the other in a literal split-second.


The Holga Filter Wheel comes with two swappable wheels (Color Filter Wheel and the Prism/Macro Wheel), each with nine filters apiece. The former has three filters each of solids, surrounds, and splits for changing the color temperature of your images, while the latter has a bunch of those funky effects that come in toy cameras, including a five-image starburst, a 250mm macro lens, and a bug-eye kaleidoscope, among others. To install, simply remove the camera’s existing lens, screw on the lens cover, and then snap the wheel you want to use right on the cover. Done – you’re now equipped to use your expensive DSLR like an inexpensive plastic toy.

Available now, the Holga Filter Wheel is priced starting at $29.99.

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