These Hollow Spy Coins Let You Sneak Out MicroSD Cards Discreetly


The problem with microSD cards? They’re so darn small, making them very liable to falling out unnoticed when kept inside any pocket. If you’re going to carry one or a few, it’s best to keep them in your wallet or, even better, a separate case like these awesome Hollow Spy Coins.

Designed to look exactly like legal tender, these coins are virtually indistinguishable from any small change you have in your pocket, all while being able to carry very small items like microSD cards, tiny fishing hooks, or emergency rolling paper in the hollow interior section. The coin form factor should make them just a little tougher to lose than if you carried your microSD cards bare, though you have to be careful not to spend it during those times you’re paying with loose change.


The Hollow Spy Coins come in multiple denominations, from nickels and quarters to half dollars and Ike dollars, as well as foreign coins, like pounds, Euros, and Australian money. Each one can split into two sides to give you access to the hollow middle section, with the smallest one (a nickel) able to fit a single microSD card and the largest (Eisenhower dollar) able to accommodate three. The seam where the two halves meet, by the way, fall right along the rim, making it virtually unnoticeable.


Pricing for the Hollow Spy Coins starts at $30. And, yes, they accept custom work for any coin from any part of the world.

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