Holoart Crystal Ball Skips The Future, Shows You Movies Instead

Magical crystal balls that let you see into the future don’t exist.  In case you want to impress some gullible people of your fantastical divination powers, you can use this instead: the Holoart Crystal Ball.

Instead of giving you a glimpse of the world to come, the visually-stunning contraption is actually a unique electronic display.   Except the actual screen is spherical, rather than rectangular.  Connect it to a video feed (like a DVD player) and  the visuals will appear, projected right on the transparent sphere.

The Holoart Crystal Ball has two components: a plastic “crystal” ball where the images are shown and a cylindrical base where the electronics are hidden.  Designed for tabletop use, the ball measures 3.9 inches, with the whole setup requiring a 9.1-inch tall and 8.7-inch wide space.  The size actually sounds about right for hiding the base under a table with a cutout in the middle, in case you want to do your Amazing Swami act for the next office party.  Just make sure to hide the wires, lest mess up the illusion.

Of course, the ball shape makes for a very novel way to enjoy movies and videos, too, offering an entirely different experience from the self-same square screens that come with regular displays, like TVs and tablets and media players.  Sure, the people and scenes will look oddly curvy, but that should be part of the unique appeal.

If magic crystal balls were real, I’m sure they’d be crazy expensive.  Heck, even fake ones like the Holoart Crystal Ball ain’t cheap.   It’s available from Japanese importer, Japan Trend Shop, priced at $4,909.

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