Home BioGas 2.0 Turns Food Waste Into Cooking Fuel And Liquid Fertilizer


Recycling is a word people like to throw around, but few people actually do. The amount of food waste that end up in our landfill is an easy testament to that. If you want to do your part and get rid of food waste in a more sustainable manner, you might want to check out the Home BioGas 2.0.

To the unfamiliar, the original commercial version of this appliance, which was released last year, is a standalone, closed unit that took in food waste and produced biogas that you can use for cooking, as well as liquid fertilizer for enriching the soil in your garden. The new model does, pretty much, the same thing, albeit in an updated design that doubles the previous model’s capacity while being even more affordable.


The Home BioGas 2.0 is a standalone appliance that’s designed to be set up in the backyard or other outdoor sections of the house. Do note, you will need to run a pipe from the appliance to your gas cooktop (whether for your indoor or outdoor kitchen), so make sure to consider that when deciding where to place it. To set up, simply choose a location, assemble it there, and activate the appliance using the outfit’s bacteria kit (you can also use animal manure in place of the kit). Basically, you just want to get bacteria living and thriving in the system, which will handle all the fermenting necessary to turn food waste into the appliance’s two products.

Once it’s properly activated, you can use it by simply dropping food into the front opening, which sends it down to the bacteria’s location, where the unicellular organisms break it down into organic matter and convert it into usable materials. Aside from food waste, you can also throw in animal manure, which gives you a good excuse to get a big dog, in case the wife has been hesitant to let you pull the trigger on that front. It can hold up to 700 liters of biogas at a time, so you can fill it up with enough fuel to cook for a party.


As long as it gets a regular supply of leftovers, the Home BioGas 2.0 can produce three hours’ worth of gas on a daily basis, which should be enough for most household’s cooking needs. Each appliance comes with a specially-adapted biogas stove that you can use to simplify your cooking setup. Granted, you’ll probably need professional help to run a pipeline from the appliance to your cooktop, but that’s a hassle that you’ll only need to do once.


It can accommodate up to 12 liters of food waste daily or up to 36 liters of animal manure, so you can toss all your leftovers in there even after a big party. A faucet in the back allows you to easily retrieve the liquid fertilizer, which you can put straight in your watering can for feeding to your garden.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Home BioGas 2.0. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $475.

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