Home-Work Sideboard Transforms Into A Self-Contained Workspace

Since you do the bulk of your work at home in the dining room (easy access to the fridge — always a good thing), might as well equip it with a proper workstation. Now, a writing desk in a corner of the dining room will probably look out of place, so someone made the Home-Work, a sideboard that can transform into a self-contained workspace.

Like any sideboard, you can use it to display dishes, hold your stretchy bowl of fruits, or station your belovedĀ Sausage Egg Muffin Toaster. It comes with cabinets, too, so you can use it to store glasses, cutlery, and other dinnerware.

Designed by Sakura Adachi for Campeggi, Home-Work looks like a standard three-cabinet sideboard at first glance. The middle cabinet, however, is actually a slide-out chair that, when pulled out of the assembly, transforms the sideboard into a writing desk where you can set down your laptop, pile your notepads, and wrap up any work you decided to bring home. The cabinets, of course, can serve as storage compartments for your work gear, so the thing still looks like a regular dining room sideboard the rest of the time you aren’t typing away at a computer.

No pricing is listed for the Home-Work, but you can learn more about it from the Campeggi website.

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