Homework Table With Unusual Gutter Design Looks Useful

My desk is a mess, littered with books, printouts, stationeries, office supplies, toys, USB accessories, spare cables and all sorts of things that help you get through the workday.  While swiping them all off into a box is probably the simplest way to relieve the pile, the Homework Table probably offers something a disorganized dork like myself can better live with.

Designed by Tomas Kral, the table features an aluminum gutter along the edges, allowing you to swipe off everything in the table with a single push.  Even better, everything stays perfectly visible (they’re just along the edges of your desk) , so you don’t have to dig into a box when you realize you actually need that Animal Staple Remover today, after all.

The Homework is a rectangular ash table measuring 61 x 31 x 33 inches.  It is, pretty much, a standard workdesk, with a spacious top and plenty of room for your legs down below.  The special feature, though, is the cast aluminum sandwiched between two layers of wood with its edges folded and curved to form a gutter along the edges.  Granted, that gutter is going to look ugly as heck with your lack of organization skills.  Still, it’s a better option than leaving your immediate work space filled with clutter.

The not so cool part?  You’ll need to be financially organized to scrape €2,980 to buy the Homework Table, which is available through a range of specialist retailers across Europe and other markets.