Get Back on Track with the Honda Bionic Motorcycle Arm

Honda has surprised everyone with one of their latest inventions. People have long known Honda for its outstanding achievements as well as goodwill and reputation. Now everyone is busy speculating what Honda has to offer to the public.


Without further ado, let’s look at the bionic arm produced by Honda for motorcyclists. Thanks to the designer Tom Hylton, individuals that have lost a limb due to accidents or medical situations can now get back to driving their favorite motorcycles again.


Although this is not like a real arm, wounded motorcyclists can still manage to hit the road once more. The bionic arm is one of the latest technological advancements and it connects the arm to the Honda bike. The prosthetic will be fixed on the shoulder and it will be integrated into the Honda Superbike. The arm will be attached to the handlebar and commands will be given to the motorbike based on the person’s thoughts. As a result, the bionic arm will give the rider the ability to get the right position and steering – two important challenges faced by people while riding.

Honda Bionic Motorcycle Arm

Hylton’s bionic arm relies a lot on Honda’s pioneering research in mechanical and other fields to create new systems for amputees that have lost their limbs. It is a consolation for such people who want to have the feeling of getting back on road again. Though the bionic arm might cost a bit on the higher side, amputees who do not want to feel disabled may try out this new invention and hope to resume their daily activities on the motorcycle by using the bionic arm. Overall, this is excellent news for riders with amputated arms. However, people are still trying to see if there are any flaws in this new technology.

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