This Honda Will Drive Through Your Yard And Cut Your Grass


It’s not the only robot you can get to automatically keep your lawns and backyards well-trimmed. If you want a robot lawn mower that matches up with the Honda you have parked in the driveway, however, the Honda Miimo might make for a more suitable fit.

Designed for set-and-forget operation, the robot uses internal timers and sensors to decide whether it should go to work or stay put in its station. You can set mowing times and frequency, along with the cutting height for your grass, directly from the robot’s integrated controls, although it also comes with an accompanying app if you’d rather not head out to wherever you have it docked.


During its initial runs, the Honda Miimo requires you to set up physical boundary wires around the perimeter, which it will commit to memory for future mowing sessions. It will handle zone management all on its own, navigating around trees, flowerbeds, and garden furniture, while covering every inch of grass in the space, all while cleverly detecting areas of thicker growth and automatically adjusting its cutting pattern to compensate.


Features include the ability to turn away from obstacles without stopping (for faster operation), an IPX4 waterproof build, the ability to cut slopes up to 25 degrees, and anti-theft security (it sounds an alarm as soon as it’s lifted). It comes in two models: one that can handle lawns measuring 0.5 acres and another that can handle 0.75 acres.

Pricing for the Honda Miimo starts at $2,500.

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