Honda NeuV Is A Self-Driving Electric Car That Can Bond With You Emotionally


It’s not unusual for people to develop emotional bonds with their vehicles. Many automotive aficionados treat their vehicles like trusted comrades and beloved companions, after all. The Honda NeuV, however, wants to foster a different kind of emotional bond – one that stems from having conversations and showing empathy for its rider.

That’s right, this car will talk to you while you commute to work, drive to the grocery, or go on a long trip out of town. Unlike the current generation of conversational bots, though, the car comes with an “emotion engine” that allows it to interact in entirely new ways. We’re not entirely sure what those new ways are, but the idea is definitely interesting, if not a little unsettling.

The Honda NeuV, by the way, is also a self-driving electric car, so it’s basically a hodge-podge of forward-looking car technologies. Yes, it looks more like a toy car than an actual vehicle that can take you to work, with a boxy shape that makes it appear like an industrial freezer with two large wheels. Granted, that compact design should allow it to zip through traffic, park in tight spaces, and leave a lot of room in the garage for your toys. The emotion engine, by the way, was developed by cocoro SB Corp and is supposed to allow the vehicle to artificially generate its own emotions.

Learn more about the Honda NeuV from the link below.

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