Futuristic Honda NM4 Motorcycle Features A Unique, Comfy-Looking Riding Position

Sporting what Honda describes as a “neo-futuristic” design, the Honda NM4 is definitely one eye-catching motorcycle.   Not only does it bear styling that looks perfectly at home being ridden by a half-robot police officer from 2050, though, it could very well offer a more comfortable ride, too.

With a seating position that Honda calls “cockpit-style,” it steers clear of the saddle-like seats you’ll find in everything from Ducatis to electric motorcycles, opting for a comfortable-looking wide seat.  That means, more real estate for your posterior to rest on compared to the uncomfortable stretch of padding that typically come with motorcycles.  Seriously, it looks like something that belongs on a small car, rather than a bike.

More than just a bigger, wider seat, the Honda NM4’s low-slung cockpit enables sliding on and off more quickly, with an adjustable backrest that should allow for a whole new riding feel.  Muscle is provided by a liquid-cooled 745-cc two-cylinder engine, with a dual-clutch transmission dispatching the power to the rear wheel.  Other key features include an all-new instrument panel, LED lamps (headlight, tail light, and signal lights), and utility boxes on both sides of the front fairing.

Two Honda NM4s, one with a set of rear panniers (the white one) and another without, were presented at Honda’s press conference at the Osaka Motorcycle Show.  While these are, currently, exhibition models, the company says they are planned for production, so you can look forward to scoring yourself a futuristic motorcycle sometime in the near future.

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