Honda Toughens Up Its Cruiser Line With The 2010 Shadow Phantom


It’s official.  Honda is looking to give its cruiser bikes a tougher image.  No proof is better-suited to reinforce that than the new 2010 Honda Shadow Phantom.

Looking like direct competition to Harley-Davidson’s similarly blacked-out Sportster, the Shadow Phantom offers an entirely new look for Honda’s motorcycle line.  With a shorter front fender, beefed up fork and thicker front tires, it’s a burly bike with a very manly, retro feel.


Sporting a low-slung saddle (about 25.7-inches in height), all-black finish with silver accents and an overall custom aesthetic, the Phantom takes the long-running Shadow line into the next level.  It’s the first motorcycle in the range with a fuel-injected 745cc V-Twin engine, all blacked-out to blend in with the bike’s overall theme, mated to a five-speed transmission that sends power to the rear via shaft drive.  Other bike details include a 64.5-inch wheelbase, forward-mounted foot controls, improved suspension (41mm fork front, five-position dual shocks at the rear) and a curb weight of 549 lbs.

Hard-edged looks, manageable power and sporty specs make the Honda Shadow Phantom a particularly attractive cruiser.  It also comes in only one color – black – so best look elsewhere if you’re looking for something in pink.  Hit up your local dealership come November, when it goes on sale for $7,999.

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