Honey Badger Demo Fork Lets You Wreck A Home Like You’re Destroying A Plate Of Pancakes

Forks are awesome. Armed with one in hand, I can absolutely annihilate a plate of potato pancakes, a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, or a tub of salad when I’m feeling healthy. Taking its cue from its cutlery counterpart, the Honey Badger Demo Fork lets you bring that same level of destructive power to any property you’re looking to demolish. Just… you know… don’t put any of the debris in your mouth.

Billed as “the best multipurpose demolition tool in the market,” the contraption uses angled tins to let you pry, pound, and tear into a whole host of things, allowing you to wreck floors, sidings, and roofing with a tool that looks like a large version of that thing you use to pick up food from your plate. How good is it? We honestly don’t know, but given how effective a fork is for destroying a plate of your favorite dish from that Mediterranean restaurant at the corner, we imagine it will let you demolish an entire home pretty effectively. We know, there are plenty of holes in that argument, but it works well enough.

The Honey Badger Demo Fork is a large hand tool that pairs a long handle with a thick steel head containing slightly-angled tines. The handle has a slight bend for added leverage when prying, while the tines are slightly angled for the same reason. Basically, the ergonomics look well-designed here, ensuring it will let you maximize the paltry energy you can squeeze out of your puny muscles into some serious destructive power. Prying is the first obvious function of this thing. Stick those tines under floors, plaster, and sidings, then rip them off like you’re lifting a slice of ham from your plate. According to the outfit, it should work great with a whole lot of home fixtures, from siding and sheeting to decking and joists to door frames and windows to a whole lot more.

Apart from that, you can use the tines to puncture and tear before ripping something off, as well as employ the whole head to pound and hammer at stuff with impunity. Based on reviews, though, taking out nailed down floors is where this thing is tough to beat, so if that’s part of a job you’re doing, you’ll definitely want this as part of your demolition stash.

The Honey Badger Demo Fork comes in two lengths: 40 inches and 56 inches. The 40-inch model gets an 8.5-inch wide head, while the 56-incher gets an 11-inch head, complete with larger tines. It has full steel construction, so this thing can take as much of a beating as it can dish out, while gussets on the handle allows it to exert force in different directions, making it viable for a variety of demolition jobs. Do note, the outfit admits that the tine tips may dull, dent, or chip during repeated use over time. If that ever happens, it can be brought back into fighting shape by putting them through an angle or bench grinder.

The Honey Badger Demo Fork is available now.

Honey Badger Demolition Fork, 40-inch 4-tine...
  • Made in the USA - 100% Steel Fabrication - Patent Pending