Honey, I Stretched The Vespa: The Stretch Scooter


Stretch automobiles usually point towards luxury as a primary benefit.  Not this Vespa Stretch Scooter though, which looks to be more trouble than anything else.  Think you can wade through traffic with that?  Good luck.

Created by Vespa South Africa, the extra-long “family” version of the iconic vehicle looks like two scooters welded together, with the rear of one and the front of the other chopped off before being paired.  The company says it can take up to four people.  From the looks of it, the seating appears adequate, even comfortable.  Heck, it looks twice as fun as a regular scooter.  Driving it, however, could be another matter entirely.

Those sharp corner turns you so easily manage on your two-wheeled Italian scooter?  Forget about it.  Squeezing in between three cars?  Oops…the rear passenger’s leg just hit that Dodge Ram’s bumper.  Way cool.

Built as a one-off special for the company’s marketing campaigns (yep, it’s not production), Vespa has a few opinionated ideas about the many uses of their “family car.”  According to a company spokesperson, “Park it anywhere and, in minutes, you’ll have a queue of admirers.”  That is, if you can survive the trip long enough to get to the parking lot, of course.  They add, “All you need is a red carpet, a Gucci outfit and you’re ready for fame and fortune.”  Yeah.  Absolutely.  Sure.

Seriously, I’d love to see a video of that spokesperson riding the Vespa Stretch Scooter on a busy road while he’s in a hurry.   I have a feeling it’s going to be comedy on wheels.

[via Motoring ZA]