Hookeychain Magnet Is An Instant Hook To Hang Your Keys On

The best place to keep your keys is always at a nearby hook where you can easily swipe it.  But you’re not exactly allowed to nail one on the cubicle at the office.  If there’s a metal surface nearby, the Hookeychain Magnet should make for an equivalent alternative.

Armed with a magnet on the slanted end, it’s designed to act as a makeshift hook when attached to metal surfaces.  You know, like fridge doors, in case you’re fine with keeping your keys in the office pantry.  Of course, if your cubicle has metal frames or a metal drawer, you can stick them there, too.  But if you’d rather have them right on your desk, we’re pretty sure the aluminum body of your Macbook will do (oh my, the scratches).

The Hookeychain Magnet is actually a small aluminum key fob with a magnet on one end for sticking onto metal stuff like your hip-hop brass wallet and your aluminum guitar.  A wire ring inserted through a hole on the body lets you attach your keys, making for one sleek-looking pocket and fridge clutter.

If you’re sticking it to your metal-clad computer and are afraid of nicking the shiny thing, there’s a simple solution.  Just put a sheet of paper under (it’s a fridge magnet, after all) and you’re good to go.  And, no, we don’t think the magnet will mess up any part of your electronics (at least, we don’t think so).

Hookeychain Magnet available in three finishes — black, silver and gold.  Price is $16.

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