Hops Holster Arms You With A Dozen Beers, Rambo-Style

No one goes to battle without a full load of ammo.  If you want to get drunk, nothing gets you readier than the Hops Holster, a Rambo-worthy bandolier with a dozen insulated beer can holsters.

Wrap it around your body, hang it around your neck or wear it around your waist.  Heck, tie it to a belt loop, pretend you’re a dinosaur and drag it like a tail.  No matter how you rock it, you’ll get quick access to twelve cans of your favorite beverage, ready to serve your thirst right on the spot.

The Hops Holster can be worn like a regular belt, ably going around waistlines between 28 to 42 inches.  Because the slots are insulated, your beer should retain a slight chill even if you spend some time working your way through the whole set.   Each holster is designed to take standard 12-ounce cans, but we’re guessing you can squeeze larger ones too if you’re up to it.

One word of caution: if you’re out in public, you may want to wear a jacket over the ensemble.  People are damn lazy about getting their own beers and they’ll just sponge off your supply if you wear it out.

Perfect for tailgates, festivals and any other day you feel like Homer Simpson, the Hops Holster 12-Can Ammo Pack is available for $30.  Bonus: in case you get into a fight, you should be able to use the loaded holster as a handheld weapon too.  Just remember to pick up any beer that falls off afterwards.