Hori Onyx Puts The Xbox One Gamepad’s Shape And Layout On A PS4 Controller


Lots of people have both an Xbox One and a PS4 these days. And it can get tricky moving from one to the other, with the different control layouts requiring you to adjust the way you play. Those who prefer the Xbox One’s gamepad but still would like to play on Sony’s current-gen console will probably want to check out the Hori Onyx Wireless PS4 Controller.

A PS4 controller with a chassis and layout similar to the Xbox One, it lets you play on the PS4 while playing like you’re on an Xbox One. No need to get confused with the placement of the left joystick and the D-pad, as they sit on the exact same place as they do when you’re playing on Microsoft’s console.


The Hori Onyx Wireless PS4 Controller is, basically, an Xbox One controller that’s designed to work with Sony’s game console, allowing you to use the same wide grip, single-piece D-pad, and off-axis joystick placement rather than the DualShock 4’s slimmer grip and on-axis joysticks. Basically, it embraces the form factor and layout favored by most modern players, making it a great option for folks who want to get a PS4 but aren’t quite enthused with the more old-fashioned controller styling.

It boasts long-throw analog triggers on the shoulders, which, the outfit claims, will enable “perfect engine pulse control,” along with premium matte finish grips, ensuring the controller will stay in place even when your hands start getting a little sweaty from hours of extended gameplay. Love the DualShock’s vibration feedback? Well, they brought that here, too, so you can get the same rumbling action in your hands if you’re into the kind of thing.


While the layout of the Hori Onyx Wireless PS4 Controller follow Microsoft’s console, the labels stay true to the PS4, which is probably important since putting letters instead of shapes on there can make your games confusing. The multi-touch and clickable trackpad at the center is also onboard, of course, since some games do use it as part of their control schemes. And, yes, it works exactly as it does on the DualShock 4, so you won’t be crippled in any way, shape, or form during play. For some reason, they decided to omit the lightbar on the back, although its functions have probably been transferred to the LED out front similar to other third-party PS4 controllers.


From what we can tell, all functions on the DualShock 4 will be available in full on the controller, so you should be able ot use it as a permanent replacement. Do note, it doesn’t come with a charging cable, although it is fully compatible with the one supplied on the PS4. It’s officially-licensed, by the way, so it has the Playstation logo on the center button, ensuring you’ll, at least, know which console this is for as soon as you see it.

The Hori Onyx Wireless PS4 Controller is available in Europe, priced at £44.99. No word on availability elsewhere, though.

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