Horrible Logos Will Design The Ugliest Logo For Your Brand

Tired of slick logos that look professional and enthralling?  Me too.  It’s time somebody made crappy logos that we can make fun of, not leave us intimidated by their impressive ability to convey what the brand actually stands for.  Gah.  Well, turns out somebody did and those masterful designs can be found at Horrible Logos.

Cranking out “hand-drawn logos with the worst possible style and quality,” the one-man outfit actually started as a spoof to make a point of how internet-only design companies are undercutting larger design groups.  Now, it’s evolved into a legit way to make beer money one crappy business emblem at a time.

Horrible Logos charges a measly $5 for each design, which can be about anything, provided it’s not about lewd internet websites or something similarly inappropriate.  For your cash, the artist will hand draw the poorest logo with the least potential he can come up with, scan it and post it to his website with a link that goes to your business’ web presence.

For another $5, you can receive a 300dpi (8 x 4 inches) version of the same logo sent to your email.  That way, you can actually have it embossed on your business card, added to your company website’s header or printed on your briefcase for the whole world to marvel at.

Despite the promise of bad design, some of the logo ideas are actually pretty decent.  If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for your logo, Horrible Logos might actuallyproduce something borderline clever which you can bring to one of those internet-only companies to polish up for cheap.   You can check out the designs  on the website below.

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