Turn Your Dog Into A Pony With This Horse Head Mask

Your kids want a pony in the backyard.  There’s no way you’re paying for a horse.  Here’s a happy compromise: buy a big dog and make it wear the Horse Head Mask.  Okay, maybe the dog won’t be so happy about this “happy compromise.”

Chances are, you’ve seen disturbing pictures of people wearing this thing in the past.  I know I have.  I even checked the local shops if they had them (they didn’t).  And I totally forgot about it until a random search at 3 in the morning (nothing good ever happens at 3 in the morning) blessed me with the picture of a girl wearing a bikini with a horse head on.  Seriously.  Made me swear off looking at half-naked women for a month.

The Horse Head Mask is a realistic-looking equine headgear with see-thru holes on the nose and mouth so you’re not totally blind when you have it on.  Made from latex, it features big wide eyes, a realistic fur mane and the weirdest expression, making for one creepy face cover to walk around in.  It comes in only one size, though, but should be big enough to fit most adult heads.

Any time you need a mask, we suggest foregoing the headwear in your costume and just wearing this one.  Batman with a horse head looks ten times more morose.  Freddie Krueger with a horse head is even scarier.   And if you’re wearing a gown to a masquerade ball, this is the perfect opportunity to walk in looking like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Whether you’re planning to wear it for kicks or using it to turn your dog into a pony, this creepy Horse Head Mask should do the trick.  Amazon has it, priced at around $29.

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