Enjoy VR-Style Stargazing In Low-Tech Form With The Hoshi-Zora Star-Filled Envelope


With Google Cardboard, you can easily kill hours looking at stars from a spherical image of the skies, but that requires you to have one of those headsets on hand and it’s not always the most convenient thing to bring along. The Hoshi-Zora Star-Filled Envelope offers an alternative, giving folks a view of the night skies by simply peering inside the stationery.

Yes, it’s a real envelope, the kind you can use to send letters, photographs, and documents through the mail like it was 1985. Except, instead of being relegated to the trash bin after its contents are retrieved, it can double as a low-tech distraction that can be folded up inside a wallet, ready to regale young and old alike with an astronomically-accurate view of the constellations.


The Hoshi-Zora Star-Filled Envelope measures 5.9 x 8.4 inches, so you can use it to hold notebooks and small gadgets if you’d rather not fold it up inside your pocket. While the opening seems big enough to cover both eyes on most people, we guess you can use it one eye at a time, too, if you have one of those exceptionally wide faces. Sadly, it’s just a static image (no holograms), so you won’t see an alien spaceship pop out of nowhere like that one time you went camping, got high on crazy mushrooms, and went stargazing. Unless, of course, you get high on crazy mushrooms before using.

Available now, a five-pack of the Hoshi-Zora Star-Filled Envelope is priced at $83.

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