Hospital Bedside Booze Drip Lets You Consume Your Alcohol Hands-Free

Know how people always joke about being plugged to a hospital IV filled with beer?  Joke just got real with the Hospital Bedside Booze Drip, a medical-style contraption to administer beer while you lie down in comfort.

Don’t worry, needles need not be involved.  Instead, you can simply slip that feeding tube directly into your mouth, so each drop of the intoxicating medication tickles your taste buds before sliding directly down your throat.  Very convenient, especially when you’re already too drunk to lift a single muscle.

The Bedside Booze Drip consists of a bottle that measures 18.5 x 7.09 x 7.09 inches, tethered to an IV-style hose and hoisted up an included stand that you can park on top of the coffee table.  A plastic stopper is attached to the hose, so you can quickly halt the alcohol delivery once you’ve had your fill.  Up to one liter of booze can fit into the container.

While this can make for a fun novelty to amuse guests, it’s actually pretty functional, especially when you enjoy getting your drinks hands-free.  You can finally say goodbye to grabbing your beer and chugging it down — just set this up next to the couch and use those idle hands for something else.  Now, if only they thought up of a way to keep the beer cold…

As the retail page says, the Hospital Bedside Booze Drip makes for a perfect companion “when the pains of your life, wife or strife get too much.”  It’s available now, priced at £14.99 (around $25).