Hosu Lounger: Could This Be The New Home Office Standard?

Remember when you thought an expensive armchair and a large wooden desk is the perfect home office combo? With computing moving to tablets and mobile platforms (especially with that gorgeous Microsoft Surface on the way), that may actually change very soon.  And  when that happens, it isn’t too far fetched that more of us may opt for a home office equipped with the Hosu Convertible Lounger.

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Coalesse, it’s a sofa that can convert into a comfy lounger, allowing you to take on your laziest, most relaxed posture while working on that office report from home.  But… but… you already have a lounger?  Of course, you do.  This one, however, is built specifically for home office use, integrating features that don’t quite come with most standard living room fare.

Because you’ll be using gadgets while lounging in it, Hosu integrates  strategically-placed cable ports on the sides of the seat, allowing you to use a charging cable without creating a mess of wires.  It also has pockets on the sides and back, so you have a place to stash accessories, documents and that damn Neil Gaiman novel you’ve been trying to finish since 2011.

Two sizes will be made: a 36-inch single-seater and a 64-inch double-seater, so you can share your lounger with a secretary or an assistant.  Of course, how you’ll manage to find an assistant that will loveseat with you is another matter altogether, but it sure sounds fun to try.

No word on availability or pricing, but more details should be available soon.

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