Hot Pot BBQ Hides A Grill Under A Plant

Ever seen something so cool, you don’t care if it makes any sense?  Well, the Hot Pot BBQ is one of those things for me.  I mean, I can’t fathom a logical reason to hide a grill inside a plant pot, but the combination feels just right.

Created by Black + Blum, the unusual pairing was made so that you can grow your herbs on the pot and use those herbs to season your grilled dishes.  Sure, it’s a bit of a reach, but the end result is so adorable that I really don’t mind.

The Hot Pot BBQ looks like a terracotta pot at first glance.  Until you lift up the top lid and realize that the planting soil is just a couple inches deep — the rest of the pot is actually a barbecue grill for charring your next meal.   While the grilling area isn’t the biggest at a 14.6-inch diameter, it’s ample enough for some light meal preparation, like a stuffed hamburger and a couple hotdogs.

The actual pit is made of ceramic (with heat-insulating ceramic coating), while the grilling components are fashioned out of stainless steel. Tongs made from stainless steel are included, too, to complete your outdoor cooking assembly.

Black + Blum recommends the Hot Pot BBQ as a grilling solution for small yards, terraces, balconies, and patios.  We guess it makes perfect sense in that context — you can even have it sit by the window of your third-floor apartment and leave no clues that you’re actually charcoal-cooking stuff in the house.  Well, other than the smoke and the smell, of course.  It will be available next month for £99.

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